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Hello Everyone!!!!! 大家好!!! With this picture I'm going to introduce a little bit of myself. I'm Cristina Mendoza, I Love Music, Photography, Culinary Arts, and much more, but those are my main ones. My music of course K Pop, I'm an Outdoors Photographer (As you can see) and Italian Food, Asian Food And Mexican Food are my main dishes. This is a little bit of me, now, moving on with the picture.
"How much does a picture can show? What does it means? How do you feel about it?? I'm not an experienced photographer, I will let you know, but every picture, every creation I made It's says a lot to me. How much it shows me? It shows me how beautiful and wonderful is the creation of God, what God has made so we can appreciate and be thankful for everyting. Yes, it might not be the biggest creation ever, but to me its Everything, its what my talent has made, and it can make muh more. An image can be as powerful as words" Thank You For Your Time. If You Would Like To Know More About Me Please Feel Free To Follow, We Can Be Good Friends. 谢谢 !! Thanks!! Gracias!!