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It's a question we have naturally given our own answer, but is our answer accurate or are we stuck living in a fantasy world?

As women, of course we want to be wined and dined every now and then, but when it comes to that fancy wining and dining -- deciding who reaches for the bill has oddly become an issue for several women while out on dates.
Two days ago I received a text message from one of my close friends telling me she went on a date, but they split the bill both ways and she wanted to get my opinion on whether I thought it was a date or not. My initial reaction was 'oh, no he didn't', but I snapped out of that mindset real quick and here's why. I do feel like it's always nice for a man to take the initiative and treat a lady to dinner, under one circumstance -- he formally asked you out.
If a guy goes out of his way to ask you out and he makes all the plans, it would only be right for him to pay for your meal once the check comes. If he ask for separate checks after initiating this outing -- do yourself a favor and make sure you immediately delete his number.
If going out for a bite to eat was a mutual idea than unless the guy states otherwise, be prepared to go half on the bill. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that because technically, it was a general consensus. If you have difficulty going out with guys who in your mind 'selfishly' only pay for themselves -- get creative. Play a game and whoever wins has to pick up the tab or have your date pay this time and the next time you pay.
I'll admit, I've made a huge deal over guys not paying before and I eventually realized it's not always that serious. If you have a mutual agreement and you're fine with going half -- as long as he treats you like a queen the remainder of the time, that's all that matters.
We make such a huge deal over guys paying, but in all actuality unless he asked you out and didn't pay than stop trippin' boo. Show him you got your own and you can be independent without relying on him to pull out his 'not so black card'. Although we live in a money hungry society, we must learn that money isn't everything. Go on that date and if he reaches for the bill at the end of the night, great -- if he doesn't, so be it.
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@jordanhamilton I think wifey would agree lol but I don't mind, she's worth it. :)
awwwww! I'm such a sap. hopefully my future husband will say something kind about me someday as well @buddyesd
@jordanhamilton I'm sure he will and I can see he's gonna be blessed with a good wife :)
well said! I appreciate the compliment. thank you very much :) @buddyesd