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I love candles, but I don't love how wax seems to get everywhere, especially where you don't want it. The worst is when you accidentally spill hot wax on your clothes. It seems absolutely impossible to remove! Don't worry, there is an easy solution to removing the wax so you don't have to throw away that perfectly good shirt or dress. This tutorial comes from the wonderful people over at wikiHow.

Scrap off the wax

Let the wax dry completely. Trying to rub the wax off while it is still hot will only make it go further into the fabric and will make it harder to remove. Use a butter knife to scrape as much of the dried wax off as you can. Make sure the knife is dull so that you don't accidentally cut a hole in the fabric.

Wax paper and iron

If there is wax left on the fabric, take a piece of wax paper or paper towels and set it over the area with the wax. Take an iron and place it on the fabric. This will heat up the wax and the wax paper or paper towel over the fabric will soak up the wax and will lift it off the fabric.

Soak fabric in pre-wash treatment

If there is color remaining on the fabric, soak the piece of clothing in a pre-wash treatment like OxiClean. If the stain is really bad, you may need to soak the piece of clothing in the pre-wash treatment overnight.

Wash the garment

The wax should come right out, and you should be able to rock your favorite shirt or dress again!