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These are some songs that I think are summer-y
1.f(x)- Hot Summer
2. Berryz Koubou- Maji Bomber
3. Spica- Tonight
4. NMB48- ドリアン少年
5. SNSD & 2pm- Caribbean Bay
6. An Café- Merrymaking
7. Boyfriend- On and On
8. Piko- Make my day
9. B1A4- Solo day
10. Buono!- Take it easy
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I can't believe that girl in the NMB48 MV ate that Durian fruit!! ✘Д✘◍I gagged just watching it lmao. But that song is catchy! How many girls are in that group?@szewwy
I'm not too sure in all members but they're a sister group to akb48 so they officially have a lot of members and then they chose a few for the singles. @passthesuga
I LOVE SPICA! B1A4 seem like the kings of summer songs lol
@szewwy awesome playlist!!! I hadn't heard all of these before, but I'd say they qualify as Summer Jams :) ^^
thanks! I love Spica too :D this was the song that got me into them