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Hi everyone! Here's my card for @MattK95's The Soundtrack to Life challenge! Thanks to the super duper coolest TOP-adoring VIPs @PassTheSuga and @aabxo for the fantastic theme of SUMMERTIME!
I am about to share some songs that I've been most listening to on my phone this summer ...and I think most of them are summer-y? If they're not, I apologize in advance! XD

Big Bang - Sober

BEST SONG OF SUMMER 2015...and I'm only midway through my summer. All the Big Bang songs have been killing it so far but Sober is just amazing!

Big Bang - We Like 2 Party

Who doesn't want to have a summer party with Big Bang? Can you imagine running around with these goofs on the beach...that would be one crazy beach party, haha!

2PM - Go Crazy

This song gives me all the summer feels! I jam to this all the time when I take the subway everyday and pretend to go crazy with 2PM while I stand amidst all the quiet, professionally dressed office people. I wonder how they'd react if I played the song out loud? LOL

Winner - Empty

Okay, this is way different from the other songs, but I love how light-hearted the song sounds (the music, not the lyrics). I can listen to it almost everyday and not get tired of it. It could also be a summer love song, if you can think of it that way.

Lim Kim - Awoo

I discovered Lim Kim at the beginning of this summer and this was the first song of her that I heard. I love the electronic tones in the song but can still listen to it anytime. Also, if you watch the MV, it's basically her being a cat...how cool is that?

HI SUHYUN - I'm Different

I love, love, love this duo. This is such a cool song and I love their voices. I love the MV as well. And I just realized that my summer playlist is dominated by YG artists (VIP problems, hahaha)!

SISTAR - Loving U

This is probably the most "summer" song on my list! I discovered this song just a few weeks ago but I absolutely love it! Such a cute song! ^_^
Hope you guys enjoyed the list! Looking forward to reading your guys' list as well! :D
@jiggzy19 Thank you! :D @MattK95 Yep, I've started listening to Sistar! lol @christy Thank you!! :)
Great list @poojas....HI SUHYUN....who doesn't feel like a TOADal diva singing along to that song?? And Empty has that playful summer melody.....so I feel you on that one for sure. BIGBANG IS A MUST FOR THIS SUMMER. I approve!
This is an awesome list!! A lot of these are in my summer playlist too! (⌒▽⌒)
I like this list so much
@poojas every single song is awesome!!!! I love it ^^ and Sistar are here!!!!!!!!! \(^-^)/
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