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You're Fired! Can't he just tell that to everyone who bothers America? Here are 5 reasons why Donald Trump would make a kick-ass president.

1. His toupee.

I know what you're thinking, "That's not a reason someone should be president!" but it is. I'm not sure why, but it is.

2. He's got some amazing talking skills.

The man talks a good game. He makes literally everything sound like it'll be the next big thing, "No! Russia, come on, you're gonna love these warheads. They're top of the line, good for your economy and hey! They're all natural! Can't get much better than that."

3. He's rich, so like he can pay our debts right?

No more of this GDP bull, we're gonna get out of the recession with CASH MONEY baby, Trump dollars. Next time you stay in one of his hotels or towers, you'll be contributing to the economy. How cool is that?

4. He's basically a fortune teller.

He knows what's up. He predicted that Obama wasn't from this country right? (lol). And he can pick a good business partner I guess. So what's not to like?

5. He's honest.

This might actually be serious, you know what you're getting with Trump. He's greedy, self-serving and manipulative, just like every other politician, but he doesn't pretend not to be!
Trump 2016 whose with me?
Nobody, okay.
Bahaha I love this card :)
omg just yes. for a spilt second i thought you were serious!! and then i was like wait look at the picture...his hair is everywhere lol
#Trump2016 glad to see you all are on board lol
Lol this is brilliant
I like long he doesn't embarrass us with some stupid comment!!
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