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The battle that sits at the forefront of every nerd's mind. The battle that would potentially shatter all of reality if only it could happen. The battle of the two alien saviors of Earth.
It's Goku vs Superman, and a few people have established their different takes on it.
Above, there's Epic Rap Battles of History giving us a super-smackdown between the two titans of pop culture. While it is a bit vulgar and over-the-top, it certainly serves to entertain, and gives us a window to imagine the fight between these iconic figures on a soundstage.
Personally, I think Goku won this one.
Here's a bit of a longer video, but it takes a very scientific and analytical approach to determining who the ultimate victor would be in a fight between these two colossi among heroes.
Youtube channel ScrewAttack breaks down the different abilities and skills as well as the limitations of each character to their quantifiable values. They then animate a 'death battle' between the two icons and we can watch them duke it out.
I won't spoil who wins this fight according to ScrewAttack, but you should just know that there is a rematch scheduled, where they take into account Goku's new Super Saiyan God form and Superman's New 52 Superman Prime form.
All being said, I'll always stick by my man Goku and bet on him in a fight over anyone.
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(his comprehensive skills must be bad.) ok whatever
just remember superman "has a weakness " @OGv6FATE
Come on Goku is just as retarded as Luffy and of course Superman has a weakness if not he'd be unbeatable and way more OP. Just remember Goku has no magic!
in this debate it will be a great match but remember the only reason superman holds back so much is as he said he lives where everything around him is cardboard to his touch a majority of superman's fights have civilians around him while goku fights on landscapes with wildlife or the population has been wipe out of the city example cell saga and buu saga with this superman has to limit himself while goku can go buck wild with no remorse cause he also has the dragon balls so revive anything or anyone while superman can't if a world is destroyed it's destroyed thus limiting him to a degree