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"There is not nor have there ever been any negotiations on this matter. They inquired if she was interested in participating in the show and I said no thank you. That is the extent of the communication." - Jenner's Publicist

Many speculated that having Caitlyn Jenner on 'Dancing With The Stars' would not only be a hit for the ratings but also a hit for the audiences. Many people would be thrilled (and annoyed) to hear that Caitlyn Jenner would be a new contestant. She'd be another transgendered contestant, one of the most famous transgendered contestants was Chaz Bono. It'd be fun and exciting for the dance competition but sadly the reports have been debunked by Jenner's publicist. Jenner is not competing on the least for now.

Kim Kardashian West has also been on the show!

When talking to DWTS dancer Derek Hough, he gave a very welcoming response to the idea of being Jenner's partner if she were to choose to get on board, "I'm up for any sort of challenge. One thing I pride Dancing With the Stars on is taking chances and doing things that are a little out of the box, doing things that are inspiring and brave. For me, I say, 'Why not? Absolutely.'"

And we can't forget Rob Kardashian!

Also, DWTS dancer Cheryl Burke gave support, "I think Caitlyn would be amazing on DWTS. The whole [Kardashian] family has basically done it. I danced with Rob. Kim did it a few seasons ago. Caitlyn and Tony Dovolani would look great together, or actually Caitlyn and Val [Chmerkovskiy]."
Maybe we'll see Jenner in the next few years! Fingers crossed!
What do you think? Should Jenner compete on DWTS?