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Sometimes staying true to your heart isn’t a good thing. Yesterday Marc Gasol signed a 5-year deal to stay with the Grizzlies. Gasol is one of the best centers in the NBA. He can pass, shoot and defend the basket at a high level.
Despite his dynamic skill-set, Marc will not win a championship at Memphis.
For starters, lets assess the talent on the Grizzlies. The “big three” of the Grizzlies consists of Marc Gasol, Mike Conley and Zach Randolph. The two players around Marc won’t push this team to the next past the second round of the Western Conference Playoffs. At 34, Zach Randolph is on his last legs as an NBA player. In theory, Memphis should be trying to trade him for a young assets, not attempting to make a push with him. Conley is a solid point guard, but he isn’t dynamic enough to be the second option in the offense. At 6’1 and 195 pounds, a high usage rate could cause Conley to miss games due to fatigue and injury.
The Western Conference is too deep for Memphis to make a run at a title. Oklahoma City has more dynamic players in Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. The Clippers have one of the leagues best point guards in Chris Paul and high flying forward Blake Griffin. Golden State has last years MVP Stephen Curry and rising star Klay Thompson. The conference is loaded with teams that have more talent and better coaching.
The 55-27 record by the Grizzlies was fool's gold that swayed Marc Gasol to signing. Based on what they have right now on their roster, there is no way this team can make a run at a title. They are better served blowing this team up, moving Randolph and building for the future.