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hello my fellow vinglers, since it was the holidays i havent been around as much and i hope everyone had a wonderful xmas with the cold weather setting in, i decided to make a traditional Vietnamese dish to share with everyone....enjoy!!!
Awww, thanks @cheerfulcalli ! I am pretty sure I've had this. I know growing up, I didn't pay attention half the time to what my mom cooked. Hahaha! But, thanks for saving a plate and then eating it for us. At least it didn't go to waste. @supermoray Aww, it's hard being away from the foods we love. (>_<)
I really hope there's a real, authentic Vietnamese restaurant here in Korea too. I miss Vietnamese food so much!
nah uber super nice....i shared!!!! u didnt come over and your bowel was getting cold, so i ate it, lolz
ack u evil!!! XDDD
@soula81 , worries, i ate plenty for you too (*_^)
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