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Many would say wearing makeup to the gym is a huge negative, well I'm here to tell you otherwise.

Whether you're that chick that likes to wear makeup when getting a full fledge workout in or you simply run in on your break to get in a quick HIIT workout (see card here) -- we've all worn makeup to the gym at least once. Be woman enough to admit it, this is a judgement free zone.
If you go in the gym looking like Beyonce and leave out looking like Ray J either you need to remove your makeup before getting in beast mode or you can allow me to point you in the direction of a couple makeup products perfect for the gym. And don't worry about the stares -- most of the time they're admiring your beauty and your booty. Embrace it.

Oil-Free Makeup: Oil based foundations mixed with sweat do not result in a pretty sight.

Setting Spray: Setting your makeup ensures that your makeup won't melt off completely while getting in those 30 minutes of cardio.

Waterproof Mascara: Raccoon eyes in the gym are a huge 'as if'. Drop the regular mascara and get you some waterproof mascara.

Chap Stick: Moisturized lips while working out go hand in hand. Especially moisturized lips that smell delicious.

Makeup Wipes: Your wearing makeup, so of course you should have some makeup wipes handy just in case your makeup slips and slides.

And if they stare, stare back and smile.

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I definitely wear make up to the gym. Another makeup item I like to use is liquid eyeliner because that never comes off when you sweat.
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That's a great one to add to the list!!! I'm sure plenty of women wear makeup to the gym. No shame in our game @alywoah
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