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It's the month of fireworks and hot summer nights! Get out there and get happy. Here are 5 ways to get elevate your mood and yourself this July.

1. Plan a Trip / Small Getaway

Some people don't have time to take a full vacation, but in light of that you can always plan some sort of getaway for the weekend or even just an afternoon. If you live in a big city, plan a tourist-y sight-seeing trip or an escape to the country. If you live in a rural area go somewhere you've never been before. The littlest change in scenery can do you the most good!

2. Read a new book by an author you've never heard of.

Looking into someone else's world for a little while can give you a whole lot of perspective. Go to the library, close your eyes and pick up a book you wouldn't ordinarily read, you'll not only expand your horizons, you'll also gain some perspective you wouldn't have otherwise.

3. Save up for something killer.

We all love shopping, but if we can't afford to buy something we shouldn't right? Set a goal for yourself to save some money, and once you hit that goal, spend it on something you really want! This will give you something to look forward to for the month and give you one more reason to work hard.

4. Write down a few things you like about yourself, each day.

Start with one or two, but really take the time to appreciate how far you've come and what you've become. Getting closer to happiness means accepting things for what they are, and most of the time we tear ourselves down for fear of not being good enough. We are!

5. Celebrate when something good happens!

We spend a lot of time restricting ourselves with our money and our time. We should celebrate when good things happen, milestones are hit, and when goals are met. Even if it's something small, like taking yourself out to lunch, or buying something you'd normally see as frivolous, make your accomplishments known! It'll bring you one step closer to the happiness you deserve.