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"What hurts is that we never really said goodbye. We just kind of ended." I got this quote from Instagram and this is really true. This is one way a relationship ends, which I don't think it is a good way. I believe it is better to just end a relationship in a peaceful way. I want to tell everyone this: Please just say goodbye. It is not going to hurt you if you say this one word but it can become a scar for the other person because of you not saying that one word. By saying this one word, you can still keep your friendship between the partner you were once with. P.S.- This is not to offend anyone but this is just my opinion of these kind of situation.
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I agree. Even if you both decide to end things, without that real goodbye (even if you might see each other by chance or intentionally again)....if you don't have that real goodbye, there will always be something just off about it.