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You bought a pair of shoes and somehow in between the time you bought them and the time you want to wear them, they have become a little too snug for comfort. Or you got a great deal on a pair of shoes, but they are a little too small for you. Don't worry, there is an easy way to try to artificially stretch your shoes (this only works for shoes that aren't very structured). This tutorial comes from the great people at Lifehacker.
Step 1: Slip on a pair of socks and push your feet into the shoes. Yes, it will be a little uncomfortable but bear with the pain for a little bit so that you can stretch out your shoes.
Step 2: Take a hairdryer and turn it on (make sure it is set to the "hot" or "warm" setting). Aim the air at the part on the shoes that is snug.
Step 3: Help the shoes stretch by wiggling your feet and toes. Keep the shoes on and let them cool.
Step 4: Slip the shoes off — the heat will have helped them stretch!
Ok, thank u. Cause my feet don't usually agree with shoes at all
Just to be sure, they will stay that way right? Like will you need to do it again?
@TerrecaRiley I hope this helps!
@TerrecaRiley Yes, they will stay like that! You shouldn't have to do it again!