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ok i did card of how much big bang means to me but my friend loves them too and there is a contest giving away 2 tickets to there concert i nver thought this would come true like my friend is like we will meet one day and i said maybe not cause you got to be lucky will now there having a contest and i really want to go my friend seen it and she is dying to and i know i wont be picked cause you have to be lucky im not lucky but im still going to try so im hoping and praying but this met be my only chances cause i told my friend it would never happen i was wrong and im glad i was wrong cause im so close to making Our dream come true im so close but i need help cause im doing this on my own i hope im hoping so hard i know im sounding desperate but its true i am
I will support you and your friend!! Chingus fighting!!
thank you so much
BIG BANG EVENT: How to Make Top 20! This card will help give you pointers on how to get your V Points up..... good luck!! Fighting! ( の •̀ ∀-)و
thank you