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K-drama Bias challenge

Hmmm... Even though Kim Woo Bin started off as a jerk in Heirs, he still won me over, the brow play, the smirk ....he definitely is a bias
My PRINCEEE!!!! naughty, eccentric, beautiful voice , captivating smile, need i say more... loved him in all the dramas but first in love rain.... ha na, tul, set...
In Heirs, he was all serious and uptight, but i still fell for this dude, even though i have only seen him in that drama, i know i'm gonna love Choi Jin Hyuk anywhere i lay eyes on him..
My first K-drama crush, for over 12yrs, i have been crushing over Bae Young Joon. He was sooooo cool, handsome, and all around good-guy in winter sonata. He was like the perfect guy and his voice, OMG , his voice ***fainted***
Now this is just mean!!!! Seriously!!!. I'm expected to choose from one of his dramas, that ain't right. Just look at those lips... Lets just say Min Ho is lucky i'm way over here in africa. Else, i'll make sure to break the record for craziest fan ever in the history of crazy fans. My Imja..My Gu Jun Pyo....****sigh*** @poojas
Love this card!!! And KIM WOO BIN <3<3<3 Thanks for doing the challenge and I hope you get to meet Lee Min Ho one day!
love KIM Woo Bin "bad boy" in Heirs, love Choi Jin Hyuk in The Book Of Gu (something like that) when he plays this magical creature
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