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If you're looking for a free place to do your workouts, the NYC subway is one of the best places to test your strength and ability to impress (or piss off) your fellow subway riders. This is absolutely free, although, I can't promise that you won't be served with a ticket. But hey, gyms can get boring, and the subway has a sturdy pole.

Subway Pull Ups

How many can you do?


Hope you're carrying hand sanitizer...


Ultimate test for balance and stability.

Pole Dancing

Get it, get it.

More Pole Dancing...

How do you even do that?!

Subway Seat Pushup

The Turnstile Hop

Here's a video of how creative you can get at the subway.

And you should probably really shouldn't do these exercises on the subway, but I ain't yo' mama.
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somehow I'm tempted to stay away from the NYC Subway if I ever go there..... xD
3 years ago·Reply
@allischaaff I'd give money to see people do some of these exercises on the subway llol
3 years ago·Reply
@jordanhamilton Thanks!!!!!
3 years ago·Reply
@NishatH oh nooo! Subways are super convenient and so entertaining ^_^
3 years ago·Reply
No Prob!!! :)
3 years ago·Reply