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If you don't already know, I absolutely love K-pop fanart! I realized there's also a whole bunch of K-drama fanart out there, and they need to be shared! So I've decided to put together a collection called K-Drama Fanart to collect all my favorite fanart and share them with you guys. Let me know if you'd like to find any specific K-drama fanart for you and make sure to post cards about ones that you find as well! :D
My favorite Kim Woo Bin drama of all time, School 2013. So much bromance in that one!
This was his first scene in Heirs. Who knew he'd turn out to be such a sweetheart?
His dog was his closest friend in the entire drama (Heirs). Poor Choi Young Do!
I think this is from the movie Chingu 2! That was one intense movie with bad guy Woo Bin.
Another rendition of bad guy Woo Bin from Heirs! His hair is so flawless!
King Woo Bin! Can you imagine him in a historical drama?
One of my favorites! Why can't I draw like this?
Hope you guys enjoyed this! Look forward to more K-drama fanart each week! ^_^
of course I love it... Kim Woo Bin slays even as a drawing or paint!
Even if Kim woo bin can't get the main female characters love, he sure has the hearts of all the viewers
@tayunnie @VixenViVi @kvnguyen Aaah, you guys all like him as the bad guy LOL @SashaLove He's gorgeous and so is this fanart Haha
Bad boy Woobin is the best 😍
@poojas i know!!! his pitiful image of being unable to get past that bad boy image ahhh ♡~♡ i fell in love
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