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Part of attaining that "wedding perfection" is merging shades of color with the time of the day. There are no hard and fast rules about what colors or shades can or cannot be used when. You can do virtually anything you like. However, when it comes to critique and elevating an everyday wedding to something polished and sophisticated, it takes an educated and thoughtful eye to bring it together.
For instance, this tablescape snapshot. The point of this picture is to give you the essence of what works. This is an outdoor late afternoon wedding reception. It's the time of day where the yellow of the almost-sunset turns things golden.
The shades of pink and green are more on the dull side of the spectrum, versus the bright side. Brights are for the mornings and dull for the afternoon. Bold colors and metallics are for the evening. The green stemware is so translucent, it's almost not even there. It's nuanced. And FYI, emerald and other gemstone colors are considered bold and for evening. This shade of green is oliveine. You can even get away with jonquil. These are the transitional shades, since the light from the sun during this time is in transition most.
The flowers are a collage of texture and color along the color spectrum. Bits of bold here, a spark of bright there...when combined like this, it creates a floral voice that speaks with personality. And because it mimics what already happens in nature, it's neither startling nor abrupt. Everything just looks perfect.
I get a lot of my advice from fellow Vingler, @NixonWoman. Check out her collection here.