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Hello fellow Big Bang VIPs. I along with other fans are trying to make it possible for BigBang to come to Texas through mymusictaste. And still need more makes, tastes, fb shares, and tweets. We would be ever so grateful if you could help us make this possible to try to get them to come while they are already on tour. it would be greatly appreciated. click on the following link to help make it possible: #BIGBANGinTexas
-Thank you.
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@k8wnba20 yes we do, I saw NU'EST in Texas, it was also my first concert. And yes I also know why they would choose California. And yes, I'm pretty sure many Texans would love to see them, just as any other Korean bands that have come here.
@SusyHerrera I thought about contacting the Korean news place here to get them to start a campaign. I called once and it was an ultimate fail. My Korean stinks馃槙 lol
@k8wnba20 well at least you know how to speak some Korean and have made an effort, so that still counts. but it really does suck when you can't speak the language and want to do something for your favorite artists and other people don't take you seriously. but that's why we BigBang Texas VIPS are trying through mymusictaste.
@SusyHerrera I'll check it out, thanks!
@k8wnba20 no problem. I'm just trying to help spread the word to get them to come to Texas.