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Hi guys!
With the awesome Big Bang Concert Ticket Giveaway going on right now, I know a lot of you are trying to up your V points (and I wish you all the best of luck!)
I just wanted to give a few pointers on the best way to reach top 20 this month! (These are my tips based on how I was able to come so far and reach #2 this month) ^_^

1. Create awesome cards!

- Be sure to have a creative title for the card so more people will see it and comment on it!

- If you're posting a photo or gif, be sure to include an explanation or story behind it or why you're sharing it. That way people can relate to your cards even better!

Here's an example of a great card from @kpopandkimchi!

2. Publish cards in the right communities!

- When you create a card, make sure to publish it in the relevant communities. If you don't publish them in any community, they might not get seen!
- Publish only to the right communities! If you make a card about Big Bang, make sure to publish it in Big Bang community and maybe K-pop. If you post a Big Bang music video card in K-drama or Learn Korean communities, your card can get reported!
Read more information that the awesome K-pop moderator @jiggzy19 has put together for us!

3. Engage with the community! :)

- When you see cards that you enjoy, make sure to like, clip, and make sure to leave a meaningful comment. You might just make an amazing K-pop friend. I know I've met so many new friends this way! :D
- Participate in challenges! There is always a challenge or two going on in the community and it's a great way to create a card and also meet other people who might like the same groups or idols as you!
Check out @MattK95's Soundtrack to Life challenge and @PassTheSuga's Bias Wreckers challenge!
If you have any questions, please refer to the original Giveaway card and if you have any questions about making cards, comment here and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. ^_^
This is an awesome card and a big help to those tryna get their points up! Thanks for posting this @poojas
I still don't get this point thingy :/
And good luck!!!
Thats a pretty long time lol thanks for the tips tho!
just out of curiosity, how long did it take to update for u馃槙馃槙
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