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Hii! Ima try to do @MattK95's challenge~ it was recommended to me by @PassTheSuga thank you~ also thank you guys for the theme ~ @aabxo I hope you guys enjoy it!
My first song would be Got7's A! This song is super up tempo and catchy ~
Next is Toy's song Life is Beautiful ft. Dynamic Duo, Zion.T and Crush. This song is a little more mellow than Got7's song. It has a very calm tempo. A type of song you would listen to while enjoying the nature xD
Big Bang's Sober is the besstt song to listen to. It has a very catchy tune, the kind that makes you want to dance!
BTS' song Converse High, from their newest album is a great song to listen to. It has a cute tone to it.
B1A4's song Drive from their Solo Day album is a slow tempo song. This is the song you would listen to on a nice day just driving around xD
I cannot forget to add this song, Sistar's Touch My Body! This song is super fun to sing and even more fun to dance to!
Lastly, I chose BTS Miss Right. This is my most absolute favorite song. Whenever i hear this song I can't just listen to it once. This song is the perfect summer song. Well, its perfect to listen to anytime xD. It has a very addicting sound and the rap and vocals are perfect in this song~
I hope you guys enjoyed my summer playlist! I'm sorry if my songs aren't all summer xD @AshleySilliado i finished!
@kookiebyu fantastic!!! Great song choices! Sistar are the queens of summer in my opinion so the fact they are here makes me so happy :D
@PassTheSuga thank you sooo much!!! and yeah! their ep of a song for you was really fun~ ♡
Great job @kookiebyu!! This is an awesome list.....From start to finish full of catchy fun songs. I forgot how good Miss Right was! Their episode of A Song For You was one of my favorites (๑❛ ‿ꆚ❛๑)
@jiggzy19 Omg Thank You!! 감사합니다! ♡
WOW I really love this list!! DAE to the BAK ~
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