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Ready for some statement cakes for summer? Take a look at these three specimens from the inspired kitchen of Maggie Austin Cake!
This romantic impressionist floral cake is lush with sweeping drama and romance. The moody watercolors billow to the sky on this four-tier fondant cake! I AM IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!
Chunky gold appliques and African animals adorn this multi-tier wedding cake with the most delicate attention to detailing. Everything is here for a reason. The craftsmanship of this design is like nothing I have ever seen. If you are doing something like this for your wedding--TELL ME!
What appears to be in the Tiffany style, this stained glass cake is an homage to the days of Frank Lloyd Wright. The pebble stone base and the emerging water lilies tell a remarkable story of love that is beyond boundaries and is all at once limitless. Love that!
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I love the impressionistic cake and the tiffany style cake. So beautiful and unique!
the first is my favorite but I love them all.
@marshalledgar WOW. Just, wow. The second one is my favorite, although stained glass and impressionist artwork are two incredible sources of wedding cake inspiration! I just don't know how you could bear to cut into any of these...
so glad you love this as much as me @ButterflyBlu