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some of my personal favs for the summertime all thanks to @MattK95 @aabxo, and @passTheSuga I love big bang! and this summer they've made their return Big Bang- Sober
Big Bang- Bang Bang Bang
Big Bang- We Like 2 Party
Thinking of summer time makes me want to dance and what better music to dance to than to Amber - Shake That Brass
Celebrate summer with ICE CREAM.....CAKE Red Velvet- Ice Cream Cake
Time to find your summer love Girls Generation - Catch Me If You Can
And your summer heartbreak BTS- I Need U
A time for old summer favorites Nu'est- Face
and new ones too EXID- Ah Yeah
BTS- Dope
what playlist isnt complete without a little Super Junior Super Junior- Mamacita
Summer time is a time to be free and goofy Ft. Island- Freedom