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K-Drama Bias List challenge accepted @poojas
This man. Ji-Sung will forever be my number 1 actor. I've watched Protect the Boss, Secret and Kill Me, Heal Me. Just to watch this man.
He is an amazing actor proven by his distinguished portrayal of 7 different personalities. I mean, Segi was a total bae.
Also, He is gorgeous.. I can't emphasize how much I love this man. His smile, his eyes, his voice,.. every thing about him is Perfect.
2nd bias. Byun, Yo-Han. I watched him in Ex-girlfriend club, which I have to call my Life Kdrama. honestly. He is so cute, and his acting was so natural I thought Ji-Hyo and he actually had feelings for each other.
You hotness...... I swear I will forgive him for almost anything as soon as he smiles. I look forward to his future works.
3rd bias, Park, Seo-Joon. Saw him in Kill Me, Heal Me. I absolutely loved his role in the drama; The secret protector.(Double Meaning) It broke my heart that he never had the chance to freely show his feelings. I think I have a thing for forbidden(?) loves.
I have been watching Witch's Romance because I just had to watch him get his happy ending. The female lead is kind of too old for him, both in drama and in real life, and their chemistry isnt quite enough to get me hooked but Oh My Dear God.
For those wondering, this is at the end of episode 2. The scene escalates really quickly. It was so sexy I couldn't avert my eyes away from the screen.
okay I'll end this challenge with my last bias. Not a lot of people knows Daesung is also an actor. His natural playfulness and ability to flexibly fit in with people and places show really well in What's Up, a musical drama. I completely support him as not only a singer, but as an actor too. That's it for me and my biases. Anyone agree with any of them? feel free to like and comment!
@TracyWong heh tracy. didnt you already know thay
Heh sunnyyy Ji Hyo is my Bae, so I guess it means we're meant for each other 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
@poojas :D nah thanks for a great challenge. I had fun searching up photos of them!
OMG! Great card!!! Segi is bae indeed! And Park Seo Joon and Byun Yo Han are such cuties! Thanks for teaching me something new about Daesung today :D
@shjej5835 heheheh
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