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My Ultimate Bias AKa Husband Challenge
Sorry guys!! I was posed to do this challange days ago but lately my mom been asking Korean related questions that takes up almost half of the day to explain~~ plus im lazy so that= work undone.
First off let me say these babes right here are my ultimate ultimate ultimate bias group !! I mean like theyre kings for god sakes why wouldnt they be in this section. Haha Anyways lets move on to my bae since his debut.
Jung F'n Hoseok
So here's my reason for loving this happy...strange creature. (jackson no babe no lol)
1. I really dont know why but i have a thing for guys who wear mask.... like all my fav anime character usually wear mask haha so when bts debuted i was like. "he bae"
2. then i watched a few videos of his dancing and man !!!! Im a dancer so when i see someone with talent i fall hard!!!
I thought he was a bad@$$ but...
He's a freaking weirdo!!! (and a aegyo master)
But thats why i love him so much!!! He maked me all giddy and happy!!!!
He's my Hope!!
Well guys thats it guys!!! He is my happy pill when im depressed. So thats why i love him so!!!
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