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Comment who your bias is and what group/drama they're from below.
My bias in Bigbang is G dragon! He has so much talent and so much to offer the world! He absolutely makes my day everyday! I Can't wait to see you in October! I've been waiting to see you and all of Bigbang perform live for a very long time! I love you and I hope you guys continue to make awesome music! Bigbang is V.I.P
My Bias from bts is Rap monster! This guy is incredible. All of bts is amazing. They're all so goofy, weird, talented and incredible! I hope I get to meet you guys and see you live one day! I love you!!!! @passthesuga @IRecreateLife
Jay Park!!!! This man has some serious talent! Nothing will ever hold you back in life! when life knocked you down you got right back up! That's how I try to live it! Thanks Jay! Love you!!!
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BTS: kookie and Namjoon
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Leo from VIXX Minho from SHINee Baekhyun from EXO The 8 from Seventeen T.O.P from Big Bang Siwon from Super Junior and She Was Pretty 😊 Cha Seung-Won, actor
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Monsta X - Wonho/ Kihyun BTS - J-Hope/ Jimin Got7 - Youngjae/ Jackson Vixx - N/ Ken Seventeen - The8/Hoshi EXO - Suho/Xiumin/Chen Block B - U-Kwon/Kyung/ B-Bomb Big Bang - G-Dragon/ Seungri Winner - Seunghoon/ Mino iKON- Donghyuk/ Chanwoo/ Yunhyeong Sistar - Bora 2NE1 - CL NCT - Doyoung/Jaehyun/Taeyong
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Groups VIXX - Leo/Ravi BTS - Jin/Jimin Got7 - Mark/Jinyoung EXO - Chen/Kai/Lay Big Bang - Taeyang Sistar - Bora History - Kyungil SF9 - Zuho/Inseong 2ne1 - CL Dramas Bromance - Bii Heirs/Boys Over Flowers - Lee Minho To the Beautiful You - Lee Hyunwoo
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bts suga big bang top block b po fx amber 2ne1 cl psy...that dude that humps in the background
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