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what kpop concerts have y'all gone to? which one was most memorable? :-) comment with your list!! here's mine: 1. Big Bang Galaxy Alive Tour 2012 2. KCON 2013 - EXO, Teen Top, 2AM, Henry, Crayon Pop, f(x), GDragon, Dynamic Duo, Yoo SeungWoo, DJ Koo, Missy Elliot 3. Teen Top High Kick Tour* 4. KMF 2014* - EXO-M, 2AM, B1A4, Crayon Pop, Dal Shabet, Ulala Session, Insooni, Kim JongSeo, Shim SooBong, Chun DongHa, Ali, Yoon BokHee, Ta'en, Park JaeMin 5. LA Kpop Festival* - SHINee, CN Blue, Dynamic Duo, Infinite, 2PM, Sistar, Girl's Day, Baek JiYoung, Kim TaeWoo, Song Hae, Song SoHee, Lena Park, Seol WoonDo 6. B.A.P Live on Earth Tour 2014* 7. BTS Show and Prove* 8. KCON 2014 Night 2 - BTS, CN Blue, Girl's Generation, Jung JoonYoung, SPICA 9. g.o.d Reuinon Tour 10. Fly to the Sky and Gummy* 11. B1A4 Road Trip Tour 12. EPIK HIGH Tour *i went to these concerts for free!! i also had free tickets to Beenzino Up All Night and Kim Jong Seo in LA but was unable to go :-(
@WiviDemol hopefully you get to in the future! :-)
wow I hope go to kpop concerts for free too hahahaha
@zmusicloverz for the teen top high kick tour, i got free balcony tickets with high touch from the event planners! for kmf 2014, they were having a special deal at hmart (where i usually get my groceries) where if you spent $50+, you would get two free tickets! the la kpop festival was a free concert. i won tickets through mnet america for b.a.p live on earth tour 2014!! bts show and prove was a free show for the first 200 people who showed up so i went at around 7am and ended up being #101 in line. and also, i won free tickets to fly to the sky and gummy's concert! for concerts that aren't kpop, i sometimes go for free as red carpet press :-)
im curius, how do you go for free?
@stargazer520 that concert was so amazing!!!
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