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The girls appeared on ‘Koon TV‘ a popular Afreeca TV channel hosted by comedian, Choi Koon. Girl’s Day were "allegedly" rude towards Choi Koon and acted very distracted which infuriated viewers. Now....I usually take headlines like this with a grain of salt....but after watching the video....this wasn't even scripted rudeness for laughs. This was just plain rude.
The argument over the dumplings was just childish and not in a cute way. The whole interview was pretty awkward and boring.... The girls were eating rather obnoxiously and completely distracted. And the host was trying to make the best of the situation but it was just a pretty much hopeless to try to save the interview. Pretty clear tho that this was a train wreck. There was no saving it.
What do y'all think about this?
wow this aint even a interview. its like they tryna eat but he pestering them lmao. I found it funny in the most stupidest way. I love girls but even if the interviewer was horrid they atleast couldve been a bit more nicer lol low key thats how I act when I'm bored lol
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*I love girls day
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@SashaLove Lol they just came for the food and we ALL know that's DIS-RESPECT-FUL.
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