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what are some of y'all's most prized kpop possessions? my entire EXO (mainly luhan and sehun), SS501 and B.A.P collections are super valuable to me but my most prized items are my few autographed items!! i have a BTS 화양연화pt.1 coming in as well as a Teen Top Snow Kiss and Niel Spring Love, but this is what i have as of right now autographed item wise: 1. SS501 Kim Kyu Jong calender (×2) 2. posters from Defconn and Jung Hyungdon (the hosts of Weekly Idol)! got these signed in person at a fansign event~ 3. B.A.P Warrior album! my ultimate bias group ♡ 4. Fly to the Sky album~ got it for free at their concert! 5. MBLAQ Broken album! i miss OT5 </3 6. MADTOWN album! they debuted not too long ago but i'm already a huge fan! they're amazing and y'all should check them out~ 7. Amber Beautiful! i love her omg ♡ 8. EPIK HIGH Shoebox album! got it signed at the meet and greet session of their concert (i also got a photo with them)!!! it was so amazing meeting them, and tablo said he likes my name! hahaha so what are your most prized kpop possessions? do you guys have any signed items? :-)
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@justmeplz1998 i personally went and had the jung hyungdon and defconn (weekly idol) posters and epik high cd signed! the kyu jong calenders and amber beautiful cd are from friends in korea who got them hand signed for me, the fly to the sky was presigned for contest winners at their concert, and i bought the warrior, broken, and madtown albums from secondhand sellers that got them off of mwave, and the bts, teen top, and niel albums i'm waiting on are also from mwave!
@ephneyt Ohh I see lol yeah kcon is a bit pricey but they give a lot per combo ticket bundle and your welcome((:
@CristelaLoz yeah i get what you mean! personally though i don't find it worth it because if i don't like all of the artists and i end up with their fan engagement for example, it would just be complicated to try and trade or sell it and get the fan engagement for who i want to see haha
Lol you do have a point and most people think the same lol because that's very true, but for me I like everyone so all is well;)
@CristelaLoz ooh then yeah it's totally worth it for you!!!