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Hello, 안녕하새요! My name is KiKi and I absolutely love this app! Thank you for whoever created it! Anyways, I'm 25 and I'm a lover of all things Korean whether it be Kpop, kdramas (or kdrop, a term my best friend and I coined) or the culture and language. My ultimate bias is Choi Seung Hyun or T.O.P 😍💕❤️💗😋😘 but my favorite groups are SHINee, BigBang, f(x), exo, bts, shinhwa, 2pm, BAP and many more. I love the community on here and look forward to meeting more kdrop lovers!
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@VixenViVi @lunastormnoona why can't we just love them all >.< huh?..... TOP oppa always!
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@stevieq We can, we so can
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Lol @VixenViVi yay new 친구
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hey nice to meet you! I'm actually pretty new so... yea... I've only been here for about an hour so far
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