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The pastel color craze is still growing strong this month, but don't forget there are tons of coloring options out there. Steer away from going full head pink, green or violet. Instead, give your hair some variation and try a dip-dye combo. It's less damaging than coloring the roots and you can even use extensions to create this look.
Below is a list of color combo inspiration to get you thinking. Let me know which one is your favorite!

Blonde and Blue

Blonde and Pink

Blonde and Purple

Black and Red

Black and Brown

Black and Blonde

Brown and Blonde

Brown and Red

Blue and Violet

Rainbow and Dip Dye

@maymay75 it's all faded right now, I'll make a card when I get it touched up. :)
Mine is similar to the last one. I have brown and blonde and the underside of my hair is dyed to look like the galaxy.
That's a great solution @Mendoza0896! Thanks @HairConfetti and @Mendoza0896 for the awesome suggestions! Can't wait to discuss this with my beautician. I'll definitely post the results if I actually do it.
@CandaceJordan Try it!! What I Did, I Did Half of my hair but it was Half Under, I was trying like a dark blue which I really liked. If you're not sure or kind of scared to do it, at first don't do your whole hair just half but under you know 馃榿
@HairConfetti True! Maybe I'll do it before the summer ends...!!!
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