EXO's Chen will be participating in a new musical named "In the Heights" alongside labelmates such as Key from Shinee, Luna from f(x), and members from infinite.
He will be playing a character named Benny: "Benny works at the dispatch of Nina's father, Kevin. The only character in the play who does not speak Spanish and is not Hispanic, Benny falls in love with Nina. He dreams of opening his own business. [Originally played by Christopher Jackson.]"
He has expressed interest in musicals prior to this, during episode 8 of EXO's Showtime, he said that what he wanted to accomplish in 2014 was doing a musical. It did take an extra year to get to his wish, but I'm so happy for him since it finally happened.
This isn't however, the first musical that he has participated in. Before joining SM Entertainment and becoming a part of EXO, Chen was a part of a small studio called "Fullhouse studio" which did a lot of musical gigs. You can swipe through pictures from his first musical from predebut below! Still hot! But sadly, no videos of the actual show have been found. (He's the one on the pink stool, not the guy who was circled)
He feels like a billion bucks in these pictures you can tell.
I wonder if he has to kiss someone in this new musical! It makes me giddy but I also would love to see what he looks like when he kisses, it's not like I will ever get to kiss him so might as well at least find out how he kisses instead!
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