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Summertime Playlist!!
Hi guys!!! So here's my kpop summertime playlist. I hope you enjoy!!
Here's a common song, Shake it by Sistar, super catchy!!
Solo Day by B1A4, another catchy song!! \^-^/
I love this song, YooHoo by Secret <3
Ok this obviously a summer song, c'mon now Hot summer by F(x)
This song is clearly catchy, Bubble Pop by Hyuna also Lee Joon is in the video, ugh I find him so hot!!
OMO almost everybody's favorite song and dance, super popular Touch my body by Sistar
Sorry there's a lot of Sistar songs on my playlist >< but this is I Swear by Sistar lol
We all know this one...We like 2 Party by Big Bang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Last but not least is Up by Rania one of my favorites but it's not very popular, but do guarantee that you like the song ^^
That's my playlist!! I have a bad headache while doing this so I really couldn't function, there's a lot of girl groups on this playlist but these are like the first songs that came in my head when I thought of summer theme. I hope you enjoy and I want to thank @MattK95 and @jiggzy19 for tagging me and Thank you @PassTheSuga and @aabxo for coming up with this brilliant idea, thanks bunches guys. Mwahhhh byeee xoxo
Credits to the owner of the videos and gifs
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