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The worst Miranda Kerr Photo i could find!
Yep that's it folks.. i now conclude it really is impossible to find a bad photo of hers... Anybody else wanna take on the challenge??
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@matineeidle Thanks for inviting me, sorry I was gone. :D Hm, finding a bad pic of luck yet.
5 years ago·Reply
@YinofYang @Matineeidle ... me neither... >.<
5 years ago·Reply
LOL! I'm telling you, I'm pretty good at finding stuff when I put my mind to it, but if she has bad pictures...they're not out there.
5 years ago·Reply
Im still searching..... dude.. this is one of the most difficult tasks ever!
5 years ago·Reply
Heehee. Yeah, she looks pretty terrific in her photos.
5 years ago·Reply