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"There's this girl..." he said, when he went to Genie and hoped to find his way back to Jasmine! Circumstances, in the world of Disney, are everything so I'll try not to judge him too much for totally lying about who he was to get the girl. In the end, though, she fell in love with Aladdin, not Prince Ali!

Aladdin knew what to do to show how much he cared about Jasmine, and I think we could all learn from him!

So, here's a few helpful hints on what to do to let that special someone know just how much you care!

Don't be afraid to talk about everything you find awesome about them. You might end up embarrassing yourself, but you like them for a reason! Don't be too shy.

Make Unforgettable Plans

These don't have to be as extravagant as a magic carpet ride (where did I put that carpet?). But, taking time to plan a special day or special event will be really memorable and touching to that special person. Just make sure that you consider what they are comfortable doing (aka no roller coasters for someone afraid of them!!)

Be honest!

Obviously, this is where Aladdin messed up a little bit. Be honest with them, because they're going to notice when you're not being totally honest (even if it did work out for him!) Let's not take his route in this case, though! Genie is right on this one--tell them the truth!!

Be Kind!

And don't just fake kindness, because that's the worst! Being kind goes a long way, and even if its not only to the person you're interested in. You'll just generally be more well received if you're a nice person....duh!!

Don't be afraid to be a little silly! You're not always going to look 'perfect' and that's okay--show off your true personality!!

Don't hesitate!

If you're both ready to make it official, hug, have your first kiss, or whatever, give yourself that extra little push you need. Confidence is key here! As long as you're sure it's time, of course! Or, you can hire a pesky little carpet to help you make your moves, but that seems kind of expensive....

Lastly, remember the most important lesson from Aladdin: it's not what's on the outside, but what is on the inside that counts the most!

Focus on being the best you and discovering the best them....there's not sexier than someone who knows just who they are and is confident in that!
@ChristinaBryce He could have been perfect otherwissseee :( :(
Lol thanks for bringing the "BE HONEST" point up because that is like the #1 one thing to learn here hahaha