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sometimes i get tired of just ramen so to spice it up a bit i started to add a scrambled egg while its boiling. like fish? i throw in a fillet of tilapia too. when its done top it off with some slices of green pepper, sliced turkey, hard boiled eggs, and kimchi. i tried cheese but i dont recommend it.
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Hmmm peanut butter? ill have to try that @shannonl5 and @lizarnone . maybe pepper jack would be better. I used chedder
Yeah it sounds really good @heidichiesa I feel like I need to experiment with my ramen more! I used to just think of it as hangover food, but now I'm realizing there's a lot more to it!
@heidichiesa @shannonl5 ramen is about to be brought up from broke college hangover food to amazing and interesting dinners haha
I use sliced cheese on the shin ramen kind and it's delicious! It makes the soup thick and creamy--but it makes it a lot less spicy. You should try it with shin ramen, the korean one. (:
@amendasaeyang that's my favorite brand of ramen. I don't get the maruchan brand you find in the regular grocery stores.