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(I'm not crazy.I swear! I'm just sharing my"Love Story"with you guys.) So I've been an A.R.M.Y ever since their debut. At first I kind of struggled to find my bias because I couldn't choose between Suga and Kookie but in the end I ended up choosing Kookie. He is very handsome, charming and talented. As time went by, my love for Kookie grew stronger but somehow V started catching my attention. I have a weird imagination so I have this whole story about me being an alien princess and me having an arranged marriage with Kookie, but that's besides the point. Kookie is my "fiancé" but V came along and stole my heart with his amazing personality that is very similar to mine. So this began during the 'Skool Luv Affair' era. I just CANNOT make up my mind between V and Kookie. I tried flipping coins and tallying up the points but it's useless. *Rips hair out* As of right now, Im kind of leaning towards Kookie but it can all change. I don't think this is ever going to end but least it's better than twilight right? ~I'm weird but I just choose to embrace it instead of being ashamed of who I am (^_^)