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now i'm definitely no professional chef, but i do like to cook for my family occasionally. most of my food is vegetarian since i'm a vegetarian, and i also tend not to use salt since i'm awful at trying to measure it properly, but the ramen burgers had beef patties courtesy of my aunt! do any of these look good? i promise they taste better than they look...! pictured: 1. flower/fruit rooibos tea! i typically go to sprouts and get some edible fruits from their herbs section for the flower portion. all you have to do is cut up some fruits (i usually do apple, orange, korean pear and lemon), add the flowers and a rooibos tea bag (also usually bought from sprouts) and let it sit in hot water for about 5-10min. and enjoy! the fruits are all edible afterwards as well if you don't want to waste them :-) 2. grilled tomato, avocado, spinach and peppers on top of a tortilla - seasoned with garlic powder, lemon, and black pepper! no salt~ 3. white rice with spinach, and fresh avocado and tomatos for a homemade "guacamole!" both seasoned with black pepper and lemon. no salt~ 4. bought a cheesecake stick and a baked cheesecake from jj bakery and just threw some strawberries and dark chocolate drizzle on top! it also tastes amazing if you've got some gelato or ice cream to throw on top of the baked cheesecake! i had it with talenti cookie dough gelato~ 5. espresso ice cubes! when i worked in a coffee shop, i would bring all the wasted espresso shots (when they're no longer fresh, we can't serve them to customers any more) home and freeze them in ice cube molds! for iced coffees, instead of ice, use these ice cubes so that your coffee doesn't become watered down when the ice melts! if you don't have espresso, brewed coffee should work just as well :-) 6. lemon passion tea! add a lemon base (1:1 ratio of lemon juice and water) and sugar syrup (1:1 ratio of sugar and hot water to dissolve the sugar and cool it down) to taste, and i used tazo's passion tea bags! 7-8. ramen burgers! the recipe is a bit longer and more complicated so if you'd like to know how i made it just comment and i'll type it up for you!! :-) do you guys have any recommendations on how to improve any of these? any suggestions on what to try? have y'all tried making any of these before? how did they turn out? let me know!!
also, would definitely recommend not leaving any peel on the fruits (besides apples) for the tea!
oops! edible flowers* from sprouts!