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lovely song jaeho ;//; <3 are any of y'all fans of madtown?! they're a pretty new group but y'all should check them out if you don't know them! they're under jtune camp (same as mblaq) and their debut song "yolo" is really good as well as all of their other songs!!!
I ♡ this boy! He's absolutely adorable and his voice tho! And who doesn't love a derp? He's precious lol.
@PassTheSuga omg yes he is! another member of the "how does he look like a child but have the voice of a chain smoking ahjusshi" club~ hahahaha
@ephneyt EXACTLY Lol....I fell for his voice when I watched their debut MV and was like HE'S THE ONE...HE'S MY BIAS...Hes even got dimples!! so I look him up and yupp he's the maknae....This noona's cursed e_e lol
@PassTheSuga omg i know!! instant bias hahaha