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Alright....now I've been anticipating this and OMG Mama was not disappointed in the least!
This was a track that kept on giving....Crush, a feature by Zico and a small cameo by Zion T at the end! Like whuuuuttt???? I mean seeing Crush was enough for me.....but Zion T surprising me like that.....Thank you Amoeba Culture for making me dead. Grammar Nazi do not correct me....they did not kill me....they made me dead <(ˍ ˍ*)>
That aside....visually....and I'm talking about the setting not the man candy →_→ keep up with me.... visually the MV was stunning. And the girl was gorgeous. The pops of hot pink were a nice touch. Crush's shoesssss.... anyone else notice them?? Honestly this song is gonna be on replay. Hella catchy and TOADilly summer.
And these promo photos are STUNNING
Uuugh his HURRRRRRR....._(_^_)_> I can't even....