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For those who have missed IRIS 1, here is your chance to watch IRIS 2! :D Simply looking at these stylish actors makes me look forward to the drama! The story of IRIS 2 will take place 3 years after the death of the best NSS agent Kim Hyun Joon (played by Lee Byung Hun) which his death scene closed the first drama. After his death, former NSS captain, Baek San (played by Kim Young Chul) was arrested because of his activity with secret group Iris. He was in custody and protected by NSS. Then NSS has its new vice-captain, Oh Yun Soo, who tries to go deeper chasing Iris organization with the help of NSS’ agents Ji Soo Yun (played by Lee Da Have) and Seo Hyun Woo (played by Yoon Doo Jun). Meanwhile, leading actor, Jang Hyuk , will play Yoo Gun, the chief of NSS task force.