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have any of y'all met any of your favorite idols before? any cute stories? personally, i've officially met Teen Top, B.A.P, and EPIK HIGH at meet and greet sessions, but i've seen EXO, BTS, and GD very very up close before~ tell me your idol meeting stories in the comments ^^
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@Daebaknae wow that all sounds super awesome!! what's your book about? :-)
@ephneyt well, I usually write silly fluffy smutty fanfics, but I decided to just go all out and write an original novel. I'm about 51K words in so far. it's a romance based on kpop with original characters. I just asked Alex, Sam, and Prince Mak to let me use them as cover & character models as kind of a reference. it's pretty fun so far ^-^ hopefully I'll have it done in the next few months.
@Daebaknae ooh i see! that's cool :-)
@ephneyt Sorry so late lol >< Ummm I've been to fansigns for VIXX, After School annnnd Mister Mister! And been to a lot of music shows so I've had to chance to see and interact with some other groups, too! I've also been to high touch & fanmeetings for VIXX....pretty much everything VIXX lol!
ughh ive never been to anything ...