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i miss the boys so much!! how are all y'all BABYz doing right now?! it's been far too long without B.A.P~ always listening to their old songs and watching old shows like killing camp nowadays~ who else is a BABY? who's your bias? i always say my bias is daehyun but i have a yongguk inspired tattoo and i just don't know what a B.A.P bias even is tbh... current mood: 비에이피 - 어디니, 뭐하니? *photo#6 is my photo from B.A.P Live on Earth Tour 2014
@EdwinBermudez i think chanyeol has potential to be a rapper but isn't exactly there yet. i was impressed by his performance with mfbty and his rap part that he wrote in exo's song "promise!" dok2 has an amazing flow and zico has amazing lyrics haha
@EdwinBermudez the two main rappers haha~~
I love Himchan XD
@StephanieDuong awh baby zelo ;; and YES it's just too hard to have a B.A.P bias!! haha
I have a soft spot in my heart for Zelo....BUT I don't think it's possible to have a bias in here.. They are all too PERFECT and beautiful. (´ω`♡)
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