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One of my biggest passion is trevelling. I like everything about it. Seeing new arhitecure, trying new food, meeting locals, getting to know new culture, getting lost in unfamilliar streets, etc. Don't like much of lugagge, becuase it's a burden. I only take one small backpack, so the feeling is the same when I'm home. Backpacking is the way of life. Do you like traveling? What is your favourite destination?
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I have a serious case of wanderlust! I've been fortunate enough to travel to multiple destinations, but I want to visit everywhere! Two of my favorite places in the world are Barcelona and Prague.
We all have a serious case of wanderlust. Thas ok. I have visited Barcelona, all though it was not my top destination. Prague is on my list and I am really loking forward to it. And where are you from? @skee292
I studied abroad in Prague, so it holds a special place in my heart and is definitely my home away from home. I'm from New Jersey!
ohm that's co cool. Now I really think I should go to Prague. I'm from Slovenia? btw. It's really not that famous country, but it's damn worth to visit.@skee292
sory for the first word and the question mark.