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Mizushiro Setona's josei manga made a comeback.
Mizushiro Setona's "Nonai Poison Berry" (Poison Berry in my brain) made a come-back after 6 months in Cocohana magazine February Issue published today December 28. "Poison Berry in my brain" tells a love story between Sakurai Ichiko - a 29-year-old woman and the 23-year-old guy she fell in love at the first sight. Inside our heroine's head, there is a council which contains five members , each with differing personalities that dictate her every thought and decision. This new technique of telling the story by Mizushiro Setona has caught a lot of attention. It has been approximately 6 months since its final serialization appeared in Cocohana 2012 July Issue. 3 chaptes of this manga in english have been released by Forbidden Garden.
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oh isnt her kurobara alice still ongoing?
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there is still no more information about her kurobara alice coming back ++ that's so sad >^<
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Her stories are most of the time sad
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