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it's interesting especially in the case of bigbang.. because they werent even recognized until Lies was release, which was a year after their debut.. and even then, they were still not globally known. Only after multiple hits including haru haru, sunset glow, and heaven, people began to notice them. That was around 2008. Kpop wasn't that popular back then. it wouldve been really hard to be a fan of a foreign boy group because not a lot of things were subtitles or captioned. internet was growing but it didn't provide the world wide connection like now.. so when none-korean people say they have been a fan since the groups debut.. it kind of bothers me. i guess i shouldnt but i cant help but immidietly doubt them. i mean, why lie about how long youve liked a group? is it because the duration of your affection seemingly represent your dedication and loyalty? idk.. Ive been a fan for over 7 years and I am content with that. im not going to lie and claim that 2 years. you know? :/ sorry for my bitterness. its 2am and i cant sleep.
Does it matter how long you have been a fan of a certain group or something? Isn't the most important thing is that you are a fan? :)
btw, my first kpop group I liked was H.O.T.
I'm a kpop fan before bigbang came along lol, what year was it... 1997 when I met my first korean friend during middle school. but not going to lie, a bigbang fan 3years ago.
If you were already a fan of kpop before they debuted it wasn't hard to follow and become a fan wether they were internationally known or not because there weren't many groups debuting back then unlike now. I watch unsubbed vids all the time! I was just content to see them even if i couldn't understand lol.
I've been a fan of Big Bang since their debut. I have korean friends who introduced kpop to me. I fell in love with kpop during the 1TYM and Fin.K.L era and they debuted back in 1998... but then again I'm a little older than ur typical kpop fan these days ^_^
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