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Here's my first BB appreciation post. So I went to Goodwill with my mom and I was looking around and Goodwill usually has these glass cabinets where the nicer and pricer items are placed and as I was looking in there I spotted this full on goody bag of BB. I literally squealed like the fangirl I am and I purchased it. Initially I just wanted the BB pouch but the more the better! This bag also came with one of Se7en's mini album. In this goody bag, it came with a BB pouch, 100 mini photoshoot cards of the members (group/individuals), a photo album of mostly GD pictures (THERE'S SO MANY GOOFY PICTURES.), and one of Se7en's albums. These items were all brand new so it was a major steal! Now you know to never underestimate thrift stores because you never know what goodies you might come across!
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