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I saw this quote and wanted to know; what do you guys think?
Is there a difference between falling in love with a person and falling in love with being in love? I definitely think there is, but I also think it's (basically) impossible to tell the do we know?
Have you guys ever dealt with this?? Help!!!
@jordanhamilton It does, haha, I just have trouble differentiating in real life I guess! I know we can control who we love to some extent but I think sometimes my mind lets me think I'm in love even when it nkows that I'm not really in love with that person, if that makes sense too lol
Hmmm, this is a toughy for sure. I feel like falling in love with the idea of love is natural and happens to everyone. I mean who wouldn't want to be in love if given the opportunity? But on the flip side, I also feel like falling in love with a person is an act that can be controlled -- sometimes. If you were to compare the two, falling in love with the idea of love, won't make love happen for you any faster and falling in love with a person, won't make that person fall in love with you any faster. I do believe that the two fall underneath the same category, but one is a state of mind and one is an actual feeling that if given the opportunity we will all fall at some point. Hopefully that made sense.
Definitely makes sense. The mind can have you going insane over someone you 'think' you're in love with and all the while, it turns out to just be strong infatuation with the person.