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It would be so awesome to see BIGBANG as my first ever KPOP concert. It's also my birthday on the 10, but they'll be in NJ :( and I'm in california, but I don't mind seeing them in Anaheim :) . It would be the best birthday gift ever, (Fingers Crossed) . But if I don't win it's okay, bless anyone and everyone who does win. GOOD LUCK TO ALL VIP'S :) :) :) :)
I feel you!! I don't live near either of those places so getting free tickets would deffinantly be great so I would just have to pay for the trip and hotel.
Yes!! Good luck to all the VIPs... I am attending the show in Vegas... Too bad there is not a giveaway for that show :) .... My birthday is a week prior to the show, so for my day planning an ALL GIRL trip to Vegas and seeing BB. Will be my first time seeing as well, I'm new to discovering BB. So I want the WHOLE BB experience and to see for myself why they are a force dominating the world :) .... So Happy early B-day to you and hope you have a great time at the show in your city ❤️👍